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Utilize predictive analytics to strategically manage your workforce

Ditch the spreadsheets. We have already crunched all the numbers for you.
Receive detailed analytics on key areas of your organization.

Hiring growth statistics per department, location, position year over year.

Turnover and retention analytics across the entire organization.

Avg maturity and retention trends of your key departments such as sales and development.

Turnover statistics with reason codes for departure.

And much more…

Hiring and Headcount Report

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Retention Report

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Turnover Report

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Efficiently prepare for Talent Due Diligence requests from new investors or a Board,with all the data already at your fingertips.

Easily create a workforce executive deck or Board deck with a click of a button with our easy to download widget reports

Make an impact with visual reports and hard data to support your decisions and corroborate your business case.

Let our Platform do the legwork and pull all the data you need to make informed decisions from where to invest training and professional development dollars to strategic hiring and organizational enrichment.

Presenting Company Report in the Office